Guide Dogs For The Blind, Inc.

Guide Dogs for the blind was incorporated in May of 1942 and began instruction of students in a rented home in Los Gatos, California, south of San Jose. A German Shepard named Blondie was one of the first dogs trained and was a rescue from a Pasadena dog pound. She was later paired with Sgt. Leonard Foulk, the first serviceman to graduate from the new school.

In 1947, the school moved to our present 11-acre location in San Rafael California. In October 1995 they held the first graduation of the 2nd campus in Boring, Oregon. Since 1942 they have graduated more than 10,000 teams.

Both campuses house students in exceptional dormitory facilities which includes dining rooms, exercise rooms, libraries, computer rooms and a social area. Both are located near major metropolitan centers, providing graduates training from quiet rural areas to congested city streets and public transportation.

It is the mission of Guide Dogs for the Blind to empower lives by creating exceptional partnerships between people, dogs and communities.
Guide Dogs for the Blind envisions a world with greater inclusion, opportunity and independence by optimizing the unique capabilities of people and dogs.

Donations can be sent direct to a local puppy raiser in your area to benefit your local community – contact Scott for your local chapter. Donations will help with the cost of training these dogs.

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Scott Quinlan (Lion Diane)

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Guide Dogs for the Blind is a 501(C3) – 94-1196195

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